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“Where is Happiness found?” is a unique and delightfully uplifting rhyming picture book,
 inspired by a father and son who live in Kingswood, Maidstone, Kent. 

The boy asks his Dad a simple yet profound age-old question, 
which everyone would like to know the answer to!

Paul and Nicholas

The touching story is the first in a series written & illustrated by 
Kentish author Paul Franklin & Award Winning Artist Lady Elena Priestley, 
who has painted familiar backdrops of Kent into the illustrations.
These including: Dover, Leeds Castle, Folkestone, Hastings, Romney Marsh, Sandgate as well as London.

“Where is Happiness Found?” makes a wonderfully memorable gift, which is certain to be treasured by young and old alike!

£1.00 from the proceeds for each book sold, will be donated to:
The Family Support Services of The Kent Autistic Trust Charity.

                                                                            ARTICLE, KENTISH EXPRESS head

Sarah Elizabeth Jackson: 
What a wonderful book for children. I have just been to a book signing today and the author and artist are wonderful people. It is so nice to have a new book that focuses on all the pretty things in this world. It is lovely to have a book developed that is truly from the heart and you can feel that in the pages of the book. I also like the fact that they are all watercolour paintings and not computer graphics that seems to be happening more and more with childrens books. The other books they are going to bring out are fantastic too. I hope they do sell enough of this awesome book, so that I can buy all the books from this author and illustrator. Good luck with all the good work!!

Kent Messenger article

Important note: - Appletree & Dovecote would like to clarify that the book is suitable for all children, and not just for children on the autistic spectrum as intimated by the above article! It holds the key to where everyone can find happiness!


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‘Where is Happiness Found?’
by Paul Franklin, is a wonderful book that marries beautiful watercolour artwork with simple, yet profound verse, in addressing an age-old question; 

The story itself is told through the format of a father-son relationship. This makes it powerful and easy to relate to, both from our own memories of childhood, and, for those of us with children of our own, the experiences of fatherhood. Whilst the book itself may be aimed primarily towards the younger generation, the compelling and sincere moral behind the story transcends any set parameters, making it a touching tale that both children and adults will appreciate.






                Personally I loved the style of the book. The language used is vivid and evocative; ‘Imagine riding a carousel horse galloping through the air’, or, ‘Catch a falling snowflake, let it land upon your tongue.’ It is this rich imagery, coupled with the innocent pleasures of youth that really bring the story to life, and help the reader reconnect with their own childhood memories.

                It is also immediately obvious that Paul and the artist, Elena Priestley, worked very closely together when creating the book. The artwork is vibrant and stunning, beautiful and memorable, with an attention to detail that reveals more to the reader every time they return to it. Local residents may also notice familiar scenes that have recreated iconic locations of Kent, captured in Elena’s own unique, dreamy style.

                The craft and skill which have been lovingly poured into creating this book make it a worthwhile read on their own. But, it was the simple, yet stunningly profound message behind this beautiful story that really stands it apart.



"Where is Happiness Found?" was produced by poet Paul Franklin in the partnership with Elena Priestley. Delightfully written and Illustrated children`s book. A young child`s questions are answered by a caring parent in rhyming couplets which are sunningly illustrated in full colour.

Donation from the proceeds of this book will be made to The Family Support Service of the Kent Autistic Trust in the support of their work."


"Thank you very much for this book. Our almost 5 year old son loved it. After reading it to him we asked him what happiness is. He answered: “To look at these pictures”.  And when we asked him,  which his favourite picture was, he answered: “All”. We can't wait for your  next book."


‘Where is Happiness Found’ is a totally charming, touching book with beautiful illustrations.

My two youngest grandchildren loved it, one of them even saying she now knew where happiness is.  Many adults could learn from this book!

A lot of the illustrations are instantly recognisable as places in Kent, where the author is from, having captured the atmosphere and charm of this lovely county.

I very much look forward to more books from Paul and Elena.

 Article in Folkestone Herald, December 2012

Paul and Nicholas at New Romney Station


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